Nobody Is A Natural

My friend Jill has a superpower.
She can cook dinner and have everything ready at the same time.

I lived in awe.

Saturday night, standing in the kitchen, waiting for the last three minutes on the  Spiced Carrot Croquettes, I bragged to the others on Jill’s prowess and asked how she does this.

Reply: “I use a spreadsheet.”

Flash of lightening. Clap of thunder. 
She uses a spreadsheet.
She’s not a “natural”. She uses a spreadsheet.


I could use a spreadsheet.
I could use the KitchenPad app on my iPad.
I could use a pencil and paper.

Jill has a super-power because she has tools, and uses them.

And so it occurred to me that there are no “naturals”. There are only people who use their tools and practice. It’s that way, certainly, with musicians.  It’s that way with business marketing too. Often after a presentation people meaning to compliment will say “You’re so good at this.” I smile, and say thank you, wanting desperately to itemize the number of books I’ve read, the number of hours I’ve listened, the number of notebooks I’ve filled and keyboards I’ve worn out practicing, and paying attention, and building tools and using them.

I am completely convinced that everyone can earn the right to claim the referral generating superpower.
And that I can get dinner on the table all at the same time.





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