What Are My GateOpeners?

Look around the table. Who here has, or you think could, give you the most referrals.

You would like referral relationships with nine more people in their classification.

How could the two of you do a joint 7-Minute Presentation so that Members will understand how to effectively introduce you to other people in that business?

Referral trigger for the week of June 25
Conversation led this week by the Towne Lake Team

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2 Responses to What Are My GateOpeners?
  1. Steve Cannon
    June 22, 2012 | 9:42 am

    Value. Value. Value. One thing I learned in my Gateopener training 4 years ago was that I should always highlight what value I bring a classification and it has to be something other than shared commissions. As a Health Insurance expert I can keep CPA’s up to date on the tax credits availble to their clients that are included in the Healthcare Reform Bill. For P&C agents I can round out their offerings to the consumer to combat a competing agent who offers both, and for a financial planner I can minimize the risk to the long-term retirement planning, by handling the #1 cause of backruptcy which is unexpected and catasrophic medical expenses to onesself or a loved one.

    Steve Cannon
    A Health Insurance Partner

  2. Wendy Kinney
    June 23, 2012 | 12:10 pm

    At the Candler Park Team Thursday morning I heard the answer to this question during referrals:

    John Fay is the Life Insurance agent, and he passed a referral to James Curtin, the P&C agent, explaining that he looks for ways for prospects to be able to afford the coverage they buy from him. One place to find the money is reducing home and auto insurance premiums.

    In other words, John gets a new client
    by having them save money
    when they use James.

    There is nothing at all altruistic about this referral.
    John is referring his prospect so that he can close a sale.

    Quintessential example (for James) of how a GateOpener benefits from referring to us.

    So glad I was there to see this in action – W!

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