InfoMinute Symptoms and Referral Cures

Not everyone is a prospect. And not every prospect is ready now.

Referrals happen when we see something you’ve talked about.


You said it would happen, and it did. So we think you’re credible, and we’re willing to refer to you.


Set us up to refer to you. Describe what we would see that would confirm a person is ready for you, now.

Referral trigger for the week of July 9
Conversation led this week by the 78 Corridor Team

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21 Responses to InfoMinute Symptoms and Referral Cures
  1. Diana Crawford
    July 6, 2012 | 11:20 am

    I am a CPA and I teach business owners to grow profits. What can be observed of people who are ready to see me now is the client who gives you their new business card because they have a new business name…with an inc. or llc after their business name. Changing a business’ structure means a change in tax status. When a new business sets out to grow or change the rules, the desired result is best identified first. Is this an increase in revenues, a better profit margin, less expenses, less taxes? I liken this to growing tomatoes. A plant can produce big beefsteak tomatoes or lots of little cherry tomatoes, the same pounds of tomatoes are produced but the results taste very different. The eating preference will determine what is planted. The same with a business. The end result is identified first, then what to plant comes next. Sometimes the old plants have to be pulled up first and new ones planted, a cherry tomatoe plant will never produce beefsteak tomatoes. Sometimes the soil is weak and worn out and needs some fertilizer, maybe there is not enough sun, maybe too much water, maybe not enough. I would love to discuss gardening with the business owner that just planted those new letters on their busines card and is deciding what to plant in their garden.
    Diana Crawford

  2. John Conley
    July 6, 2012 | 2:31 pm

    New business start ups are a key part of out business model. We will have the opportunity to furnish to them outdoor and indoor signage – from lighted exterior signs to indoor menu boards, table markers and directional signs, etc. Business support groups to include CPA’s, Lawyers, Payroll, Franchise Developers, Staffing and Printing companies frequently see new business prospects before I do. Activity here would indicate that they might be ready to talk about their signs and advertizing needs.

  3. Carrie Leary
    July 6, 2012 | 2:56 pm

    In the insurance industry there are many different times that a client may be ready to meet with me. When we are talking about life insurance a perfect time would be when a life event may occur. The life events could consist of purchasing a house, having a child, getting married or even purchasing a business. During this crucial time of their life, they want to make sure that their family/business is protected from a pre-mature death.
    Carrie Leary
    Prudential Financial

  4. Jason Marler
    July 6, 2012 | 3:08 pm

    I am an IT consultant and solutions provider. This is what you will see when someone is ready for me. There are two kinds of people, proactive and reactive. Proactive understand that their computer has a life ,typically 5 years, and knowing this they plan for replacement. They will comment that they need someone to help them move or “migrate” their data and settings to their new systems, or server. Reactive on the other hand wait until their is a problem. You will see them in a bit more of a panic looking for my services to help “recover” their data from a crashed computer.

  5. Derek Hart
    July 6, 2012 | 3:42 pm

    As a graphic designer, I’ve gotten pretty good at distinquishing those who are serious from those who are just kicking the tires. When people use phrases like “someday we would like to” or “we’re thinking about, maybe” they are almost never ready. People who are ready have a sense of urgency about them. They have deadlines and say things like “we need to get this done in time for…”. They’ve done their homework. They have budgets and specifics in mind. Or, perhaps they talk about something very specific: “we need to fix this part of our website”.

    Vaque, lacking any kind of vision or preparation= not ready
    Active, making a plan that involves deadlines and budgets= ready!

    -Derek Hart

  6. Dr. Dana Kind
    July 6, 2012 | 3:43 pm

    As a Chiropractor the health and well being of a person is my greatest concern when I see a prospective client/ patient. I usually see people who in undergoing a health crisis that can be sudden or something that has developed over years of slow degeneration. They have a symptom or complaint that is disrupting their daily routine and want to eliminate it without the use of drugs or surgery that usually only cover up the cause of the problem. Chiropractic is able to get to the cause of the problem by finding challenges to the client’s nervous system and putting a physical solution to a physical problem. Once the nervous system is allowed to function properly the patients return to the healthy state we all desire. When you have the cause of the problem removed your health returns. Maintaining a healthy state is an ongoing process that we all desire. A healthy nervous system is an important part to this goal along with proper nutrition and exercise. Refer that person who is ready to change the direction of their health and I will help them get to their goal.

  7. Bill Fields
    July 6, 2012 | 4:37 pm

    As a general practice attorney, i am ofter “needed” after an event – like a car wreck or a dog bite. My InfoMinutes and seven-minute talks are designed to keep my fellow teammates aware of the kinds of situations that i can assist with; likewise, the ‘we did business’ stories tell about the result of successful encounters. However, one area that is circumstance driven – and would be evident to the in-tune teammate – is family law. When one spouse has had enough, there is often a willingness to vent to a friendly ear… be that ear and then let them know you have a referral. Similarly, when you hear a parent discuss the impact of the economy and how it has become an excuse for her deadbeat Ex not to pay the needed child support – don’t let that child suffer; rather let the parent know [as you have been taught :-)] that there is a legal method and a guide to that method available to them to stop those non-payments.

  8. Scot Donaghy
    July 6, 2012 | 7:21 pm

    Scott from Wsdhandyman the most important thing on your house or your gutters and to keep them clean if you don’t you could end up with water leaks and wood damage. perfect prospects for me or anyone who says do you know a good handyman that is reliable and on time. or we have a rental property but I don’t want to mess with a bunch of different contractors I need someone that can do everything in the house all for one Price. funny story I once cleaned out the customers gutters that had a 3 foot sunflower growing out of the gutter she asked me if I could save the sunflower so she could plant in the yard. I usually tell people when you see plants growing out of the gutter it’s usually time to clean them thanks and have a great day

  9. Justin Price
    July 7, 2012 | 9:05 am

    Doesn’t everyone either want to sell their home and take advantage of these incredible deals out there? Of course they do! But what happens when they have talked to their real estate professional and they find out they owe much more on their current mortgage than they can sell the home for? They are stuck and left to stick it out. In this case wouldn’t it be great if they could at least lower their monthly house payments? But how can we do this, they are upside down or “underwater.” Fortunately for most home owners there are mortgage products in place that will either remove the appraisal piece from the equation or allow them to refinance when their home’s value is less than the amount they owe. When you are in casual conversation and the talk comes up about the great deals in real estate this is the time to carefully listen. When they say I would love to move but I am upside down in my current home and do not have the money to sell and pay the loss, this is the time they will want to talk to me. By lowering their house payment they can take the monthly savings and apply it towards their mortgage to pay it down quicker and turn the “upside down” mortgage into a righted ship! Keep your ears open, there are options for home owners even when their home is worth less than what they owe.

  10. Mia Stickel
    July 7, 2012 | 10:57 pm

    Mia here with the organizing service business. There are three scenarios and the first one is hard to determine IF and when they are ready for my services.
    • It’s hard, even for me to determine when people are ready for my service. Wouldn’t it be for those homes where there’s clutter all over the place ready for my service? No. What about an office with piles and piles of paper, disarray desk drawers? Not necessarily. Yes, we all have friends, family and colleagues that need an organizing service but for this group of people, a critical event may drive them to make the call: loss of money or precious item due to disorganization. That’s when they are sick and tired of the disorganization.

    • But another group of people are easier to determine for my services – the busy moms, “House Managers” & we professionals, know that managers in companies do it ALL! Moms are in great demand by their family members along with activities outside their home life (chauffeuring, work, church events…). Moms are ready for me when they complain about doing the laundry, not having time to cook, anymore. Their time is spent more outside the home so their systems of organization are not working for them or needs major update.

    • The last scenario I want to mention that typically calls me are people with home offices whether they are self-employed or telecommuter (for corporations). In most cases, their personal use of home office have somewhat revamped to a professional use but, it’s really not working for them. Because their home office is not working for them, they are spending unwanted time in looking for papers, supplies, that one particular information to be able move on with the task. “Ugh!,” they say.

    • Meg Crowley
      July 8, 2012 | 3:29 pm

      “I work 60 hours a week and have hit the glass ceiling. Why can’t I get paid what I’m worth?’
      “I don’t have any margin to invest anymore. How can I create an extra stream of income to invest without working another 40 hour-a-week job?”
      “My first child is heading off to college this fall. I don’t want more debt, but it’s the only way I know to finance it.”
      These are the exclamations one would hear prior to referring me to them. I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International and I specialize in helping people learn how to build a rewarding and profitable, part-time business based on very simple principles.

      • Deborah Holmes
        July 9, 2012 | 12:22 am

        My company, Globalinx, provides digital telephone service and equipment for businesses. I don’t focus on whether a prospective customer is ready to buy. My objective is to provide business owners with information about how Globalinx can provide reliable phone service and equipment at competitive prices. Many owners that I talk with are under contracts with other providers but are open to allowing us to conduct free rate analyses to determine if we can save them money and/or improve effectiveness of their phone service. Once a business owner is educated as to what Globalinx can offer them, my mission is practically accomplished. With some follow-up work, I usually gain a customer or several referrals.

  11. Karen Long
    July 9, 2012 | 9:46 am

    I provided personal and commercial insurance. Some things that you would hear that would be referral clues are:
    1. “I’m starting my own business.”
    2. “The economy has affected my business.” (Reviewing their current insurance coverages and attempting to lower their premiums would be a benefit in lowering their overhead)
    3. “I’m purchasing a new car or new home.”
    4. “I’ve lost my job.”

    Mention that that you’d believe they would benefit in speaking with me and get their permission for me to contact them. Email or call me with a brief description of the situation, their name and the best way to contact them.

  12. Duane Johnson
    July 9, 2012 | 9:48 am

    A customer is ready for me when they are tired of the same old run of the mill store bought cakes and desserts. Example: A customer has planned a special occasion dinner and would like to round out the menu with an elegant but cost effective dessert. They have a budget if $100.00. Sure they can go to any wholesale chain store and order a variety of desserts that have most likely been prepared from a generic dessert mix, or they can call on TasteTCakes to provide an elegant assortment of custom made desserts that are sure to compliment any event. Why spend your budget on desserts that everyone has already tasted and can easily be indentified as store bought. Why not spend that same budget on quality custom desserts that taste like nothing you’ve had before! It’s like having a party in your mouth!

  13. Richard Houghton
    July 9, 2012 | 12:15 pm

    For my catagory it is very simple to identify when a person is ready for my services. As I tell my group, the clearest signal is when “money is in motion.” This is defined as when a person retires, fired or laid off, or gets hired or starts a new business. In almost all situations there is a 401k , a pension plan, or a profit sharing plan that has to be managed. In some cases it is all the money a person will have to live out retirement. Thus, it becomes critical to work with an advisor on such an important event.

  14. Flip Johnson
    July 10, 2012 | 7:51 am

    Printed material is most often the last thing in the circle of doing business. The idea has been thought, the process has been laid out, and now they need it done. A date of the event or time table has been set so the clock is ticking. So when they are a little stressed about time they are ready to see me. Some statements might be ….I have to get these flyers out, or this needs to be there before it can begin. We would like not to be under the gun all the time but deadlines seem to never change.

  15. Lonnie Anderson
    July 10, 2012 | 12:57 pm

    As a Realtor, I work with Buyers and Sellers. The best Seller is a motivated Seller–someone who needs to Sell, not just ‘test’ the market. The best Buyer is a Buyer that is pre-approved for their loan and therefore they know how much house they can afford. A Seller is ready for me when they have a change in work, marital status, need a bigger home, smaller home, or just need to relocate. A Seller is ready for me when they are struggling to make the mortgage payment and is in a situation that is only going to get worse. Foreclosure most often can be avoided if the proper action is taken quickly. Also, if there is a property that has been For Sale for quite a period of time, I can determine the cause and work with the Seller to ‘fix’ that cause. The pre-approval process is a necessary process and the FIRST step for any Buyer (see above–Justin Price). Once approved, I can work with the Buyer and take the process from ‘looker’ to ‘home owner’ quickly and easily. The best buyer referral is ready to work with me when they are going to buy in the next 180 days.

  16. Shaun Young
    July 10, 2012 | 3:00 pm

    As a Payroll and Small Business HR consultant identifying someone who is in need of my service is fairly easy. Any business owner or office manager who is currently doing payroll in house and wants more free time on their hands to focus on revenue generating activities would be a great candidate. This type of business owner values their time and wants to run the business as efficiently and profitable as possible. A client is ready for me when they say things like “I wish I didnt have to spend 2 hours every Friday doing payroll.” Or a business owner that says “I have high turn over and my unemployment rate is going through the roof; wish there was a way to control that.” Another easy way to identify a client that is ready for the services I offer is any new business that is looking for additional assistance with HR needs with things such as new hire handbooks, new hire applications etc. These are a few examples.

  17. Jade Kelley
    July 10, 2012 | 11:09 pm

    As a Business Banker at PNC Bank, I assist business owners to finance the growth of their company. I often meet with business owners who inform me that they have simply run out of room in their current facility. My benefit to a business owner is to provide financing in the form of a commercial mortgage to facilitate the purchase of a new commercial property. The added space gives the company the room it needs to grow which allows for increased margins and profitability through better efficiency of space.

    Jade Kelley
    PNC Bank

  18. Richard Greene
    July 11, 2012 | 8:56 am

    Your friend is printing a coupon for you to take and runs out of ink. With less expensive cartridges, you can afford to keep a spare.

    At work or school, the laser printer runs out of toner. The IT guy brings an original manufacturer’s cartridge as the replacement. Let him/her know that a less expensive and guaranteed product is available.

    The office administrator complains that the high cost of toner cartridges is blowing the budget or they wish they didn’t have to drive over to the office supply store on their lunch hour to buy more cartridges. We deliver.

    We save consumers and businesses time and money. We are Cartridge World Snellville. We remanufacture ink and toner cartridges.

    I am Richard Greene, the owner.

    P.S. Reuse is the highest form of recycling.

  19. Adana Chatman
    July 25, 2012 | 2:46 pm

    My clients often invest a lot of time and money in self-help tools. These tools can be books, classes, retreats, or an emerging interest in trying new (and sometimes high-risk) things that are not typical for the person in question (they are looking for something to make them feel alive). They may even experiment with alternative healing treatments or visit the local psychic. These individuals are looking for answers, looking to make changes in their life and more importantly are willing to do the work. They are subconsciously shaking up their comfort zone to bring about transformation. Inevitably, the shake-up becomes more than they can handle alone and soon need me to help navigate the turbulence they created. When their best laid plans don’t get the results they want or create more “drama” than their self-help education can manage, that’s when they call me.

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