Should I Invite a Visitor I Won’t Refer To?

This question has a yes and a no answer.

Default to yes.

Here’s the example:
I’m guessing every Realtor knows at least, oh, 200 home inspectors.
Home inspectors probably cold call on Realtors every non-working minute.
And, I’m guessing most Realtors have just two, maybe three guys they refer to regularly.

So should a Realtor invite a home inspector to visit
when they know their own referrals are going to go
to the two guys they’re loyal to and get good service from?

Default to yes.

There is no way one Realtor can give a home inspector enough business to pay his mortgage.
And, every other Member of the Team knows Realtors and people who need an inspection.
There is value for the home inspector if the Realtor never uses him.

(And, if the inspector does a great job with InfoMinutes and 7-Minute presentations,
there could come a day when the Realtor reaches out. There’s all sorts of potential for him,
if he’s at the table.)

It’s the same with P&C insurance agents and disaster reclaimation companies.
Bet there’s never a week when an insurance agent doesn’t get a call from a
salesperson who wants their repair and remediation referrals.

So use the Tommy Schlosser technique and share an invitation to your Team.
The action is yours.
Accepting is their choice.

When to let it go.

Bad word of mouth is for protection.
Don’t invite a person you would need to warn Members about.
And if a person visits who merits warning,
immediately tell the MembershipCoOrdinator.

That’s what the first 90 days of membership are for – finding out
if we can confidently attach our reputation to another person
with a referral to our client–the person who pays our mortgage.

When you’re sick you stay home so you don’t infect others.
Don’t introduce a toxin to the Team that sends you business.
Just let that opportunity go.

For a few other viewpoints and techniques check out the answers
to this week’s Referral Trigger here. And feel welcome to share
your script too.

Because more referrals are better,
and more Members at your table 
means more referrals  ~  W!




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  1. Howard Ferguson
    December 14, 2013 | 12:40 am

    It was great meeting you Wendy! I am very excited about powercore, and will be focusing on learning the powercore system and inviting other to us! 🙂

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