Does PowerCore run a background check on potential Members?

Here’s the way the Team addresses that.
1: Every new Member joins initially for 90 days.
There is no way around that. If someone sends a check in for an annual membership, we send it back.

2: During this three month period they are meeting with their Mentors, and other Members. The MembershipCore is observing.  (Do they keep appointments? Do they make excuses? Is their humor, the way they dress, appropriate?) We don’t ask for references on the application – who would ever give a bad reference? and who has time to call references? Members have businesses to run.

3: At the end of the initial membership the MembershipCore evaluates participation and they check a box on the invoice that says “Diane, we love you! Please renew!

or, they check the box that says, “Gee whiz, Hyram – looks like this isn’t working for you. We’d like you to go be successful somewhere else.

In 90 days you’ll know.
And if you’re thinking – “But what if the MembershipCoOrdinator doesn’t know that he stood me up; or that he shared a totally inappropriate story; or that he did my client wrong?”
then you understand why it is essential for you to let the MembershipCoOrdinator know – so the MembershipCore does have all the information they need to make a good, permanent, decision.

The 90-day evaluation by the MembershipCore is every new Member’s guarantee that they can comfortably refer to the people already on the Team, because they know experienced Members have been through this evaluation, too.



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