How Early Should I Show Up?

This is more important than many people realize, for two reasons

  1. Because a PowerCore meeting is a business meeting, not a networking event, there’s no time to speak with the person beside you during the meeting. If you don’t show up early, no networking for you.
    A conversation the other person will remember is about six minutes long.
    After 10 minutes, you’re missing the opportunity to speak with someone else.
    Get there 15 minutes early and you’ll have time for two networking conversations, plus time to get coffee (and a refill) and introduce yourself to Visitors.
  2. Leaders do. Leaders get the tables set up, set referral records out, host Visitors.
    Leaders arrive 15-30 minutes early. I always plan to arrive by 6:30. That way I’m not stressing if there’s traffic, and I have a chance to be helpful and to learn about other Members. (There are some people I never beat: if you can get there before Raymond Jackson or Jim Mothorpe, let me know!) What I learn in those short conversations, before everyone else arrives, solidifies our relationship.

Here’s another perspective – what do I do when I get there?

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