How Do I Organize My InfoMinutes

Today I spoke with a CPA who asked this question.
The name of his filing cabinet is CPA.
The drawers he chose are
[A] taxes
[B] entities
[C] bookkeeping
[D] audit.
Do this for yourself. Name the filing cabinet the one or two words that other people say you do – Realtor, or dentist, or life insurance. (For a video to walk you through this, click here.)

Now pick one drawer and divide that drawer into topics.
Keep your InfoMinutes inside those topics. I think of a topic as a hanging file in a drawer, and the InfoMinute is a file folder in the hanging file.
This is what we do in the Fill the Filing Cabinet Workshop. Click here to see when the next one is scheduled.

Organize your InfoMinutes by [1] drawer then [2] topic then [3] InfoMinute

Say the name of my filing cabinet is Desserts, and my four drawers are [A] Cakes [B] Pies [C] Cookies D] Ice Cream.
In the [C] Cookies drawer I’m going to have topics like brownies, and gluten free, and frosted, and shipable.

I would file those InfoMinutes (whether they were in word documents in an InfoMinute folder on my computer desktop, or in a binder with tabs) like this:
Cookies-Brownies-Nuts-white chocolate pistachio
Cookies-Brownies-Nuts-double chocolate walnut
Cookies-Brownies-Nuts-caramel pecan
Cookies-Brownies-Nuts-peanut butter brownies with milk chocolate frosting
PiesFruit-Rhubarb Custard
PiesFruit-Pear Gorgonzola
PiesCustard-Buttermilk Basil
PiesCustard-Rochelle’s Famous Pumpkin Pie
PiesCustard-Rhubarb Custard
Ice Cream – Dairy free – Chocolate Lavender Sorbet
Ice Cream – Dairy Free – Pear Reisling Sorbet
Ice Cream – Savory – Gazpacho
Ice Cream – Savory – Cucumber

Oy – gotta go bake a pie. Maybe that Rhubarb Custard. Recipe here.


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