What’s The Proper Attire?

Team Members refer to you when you are the match their clients are looking for.

Do not wear athletic clothes to the meeting.
Even if you just came from the gym.
Even if you’re going to play tennis after.
It’s not professional.
At 90 days the MembershipCore is going to evaluate your participation and invite you to renew . . . or not.
Inappropriate dress may be the third most common “or not” reason.
One released member said, “well, if they’d told me . . .” and that’s exactly the point. They expect you to know this a professional meeting. If you are concerned, you’re right – too casual.

Three examples:
1: George and I were out for a day of errands and thought of going to Davio’s for dinner as a reward. Davio’s is a pretty upscale place, we were dressed for errands, so I called to see if there is a dress code.
“Yes,” the receptionist answered, “and you’re okay.”
“How do you know?” I asked, “can you see what I’m wearing?”
“If you asked,” she responded, “you’re okay. The people we have to turn away don’t even think about appropriate behavior.”

That’s what I think – if you asked, you’re okay.

2: When Mark Thomas got his 5 year pin, he told the Team the dollar value of their referrals to him, and thanked several people for their assistance. One was Joe Gottlieb.
Mark says Joe said to him “Why don’t you dress like a lawyer?”
Mark put on a sport coat for Friday morning meetings, and that’s when his referrals began.

3: There once was a Member who wasn’t getting any referrals. She sold a $60,000 product, and was convinced the Team didn’t have referrals for her. I said I’d ask.
The first four people I called had the same response:
“She sells a high end product, and she comes to the meeting dressed for the weekend. I would be embarrassed to refer her to my executive clients.”

When I called her to report she responded with volume and speed – I could almost hear her fist hitting the desk – “Friday is casual day in my office,” she retorted, “I’m not going to dryclean another suit every week just for this meeting.”  

Referrals are earned, not owed.
They’re earned by credibility.
Dress credibly.

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