How Should PowerCore Leaders Handle New Participants?

It seems like the thing to do is to give new people lots of information. But — too much is just too much. (Think about food. More isn’t always better. There comes a time when you just can’t manage another swallow.)
So right now (this answer is subject to change!) my answer is:

give new Members as much information as they want.
Tell them it’s going to be overload,
and they should tell you when they’ve had enough for this conversation.

Peg Griffith called with a question that has 15 answers, so I told her that she could say stop at any time. We talked, and talked and talked – and I asked if she’d had enough – she said no, so we talked and talked until she said, “I’m done.”

If you’re reading this you are probably a new Member.
Take responsibility for your own overload.
It’s okay, always, for you to say, “Thanks, that’s enough for now.”

And now, the other answer:
The MentorCoOrdinator and the mentors are tasked with bringing new Members up to speed as quickly as possible. If a new Member is doing something that will cost them credibility and future referrals it is the MentorCoOrdinator’s responsibility to tell the new Member instead of letting them twist an ankle in a pothole that could have been pointed out. 

If you’re the one receiving this type of information say thank you.
Here is someone who cares enough about your success to have an uncomfortable conversation.
Thank you.

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