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My name is Jason Conn and I’m a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with Fifth Third Bank. As a tinkerer, I love cool tools. I mean, I love having the kind of tool in my box that everyone else says ‘what in the world is that’? Usually if a tool is very obscure, the task that it can be used for is more defined. The same can be said about the use of the Mortgage Loan Resource Desk, a tool that I have access to at Fifth Third Bank. Most product guideline manuals outline the guidelines for most tools, however when I call this toll free number, it is for the rarest/oddest of scenarios. Alicia recently was referred to me by her financial planner and it was over concern that her lender had ‘prequalified her’ for a loan without digging into her income situation. He knew she was set up for a train wreck when the underwriter reviewed her file. Alicia is an actress who gets income from many different sources…some W-2, some 1099, so she was sort of self-employed and a W-2 employee, but she didn’t get normal paystubs. Through a detailed conversation with the MLRD, I was able to confirm that a two year average of income would be acceptable, despite not having a current 30 day paystub. When our underwriter began to question why we didn’t have a current paystub, I was able to provide the underwriter with a written transcript of my conversation with the Mortgage Loan Resource Desk and the loan was approved. Financial planners appreciate specialized tools and they are great gate openers for me.

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  1. Wendy Kinney
    August 16, 2018 | 3:28 pm

    Add the missing essentials:

    1: Green HOW – a green card is WHO + HOW.
    How is a behaviour.
    What is a behaviour of a financial plannwer
    >>who would like an introduction TO you

    2: Golden Card– the golden card is the Commander’s Intent.
    >>In this InfoMinute the financial planner is the Commander.

    What RESULT does the Commander want from your specialized tool?
    (For them self … not for your mutual client … this is essential – it is the Commander’s result that matters.)

    3: Platinum– a platinum card gives us a way to start a conversation with a financial planner, that will move to be an offer of an introduction to you.

    The Kindling Question will not be about you, or your product – the Kindling Question will likely be about tools.

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