Jennifer Eden Thomas

Georgia is a BUYER BEWARE state. When I represent a Seller it is my obligation to divulge any Material Defects that I am aware of.

When I represent a buyer it is my responsibility to help discover any undisclosed issues.

Take for example Teri and Adam who assumed the house they were buying was on city sewer as indicated on the MLS listing. During due diligence I asked for copies of the utility bills and found that the water bill did not have any sewer charges. After calling the county I confirmed that what I suspected was true … the house was on septic. And the current owners had assumed incorrectly for the past 15 years that it was on sewer.

Do you see how that could quickly become a very big problem!? Luckily we had the tank pumped and inspected and everything was ok.

The next time your friend Jane talks about how her daughter in college is doing, ask her if she is enjoying having a quiet house.

I am Jennifer Eden Thomas and I know how to protect my buyers.

2 Responses to Jennifer Eden Thomas
  1. Valerie Brutti
    October 11, 2018 | 2:48 pm

    I would take out “Take for example”

    During due diligence, I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and did some investigating. I requested previous water bills that gave me he clue that the home was not on a city water since it was not on the bill. I discovered that indeed it was a Septic tank.

    Maybe ask her if she is enjoying reading any mystery novels or watching mystery shows?

  2. Persephone C Galambos
    October 16, 2018 | 7:55 pm

    I like the buyer beware lead in. I would take out the second sentence because it is about sellers and the rest is about buyers so it is a little confusing. Maybe include something for the blue card like “Properties are sold as is and it is the buyers responsibility to inspect for any discoverable defects and decide if they would like to purchase the property with the defects. Then for your purple card mention that you are a thorough investigator in order to protect your buyers best interest.

    That is a good green card. with the kindling question maybe ask (in order to stay away from mentioning house) what new hobby has she tried (or what is she doing to fill in her new found free time).

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