Bill Fields Celebrates with a 10 Year Pin

When a Member has been at their PowerCore meeting, every week, at 7am, for 10 years – that consistency tells a lot about their credibility and our confidence referring to them. Bill Fields met the 500 meeting marker on Friday, May 12.  My question for Bill was whether he knew, at his first meeting, that…

Jamie Arion Sports a Sparkling Gold Star

Jamie Arion‘s badge has bling – a 3-Year pin, and Silver Stars for the TeamCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator, and MentorCoOrdinator roles – and now a Gold Star for inviting five people who visited and joined. As a health coach, Jamie is used to seeing what changes will make a difference. I asked what her script is for…

Jeff Bartholomew Adds Gold Star

The Gold Star on a Member’s badge means they’ve invited five people who visited and joined. Since the average Member passes 40 referrals a year, that’s an extra 200 referrals a Gold Star Member brings to the table. I asked Jeff Bartholomew what he says when he invites someone: “Well, unlike Ellie, who says ‘Are…

20 Years of Referrals for Kevin Guidry

The Greater Gwinnett Team raised the roof with cheers and applause when Kevin Guidry got his 20 Year Pin. Kevin holds a clear picture of his first meeting. “My first meeting was overwhelming. There were 40 people. Three or four other Realtors vying for the position. It was going and I was running alongside trying to catch…

John Hulbert Tags the 5 Year Marker

Jason Conn Marks 5 Years of Referrals

Why did you come to your very first meeting, I asked Jason Conn.  “Because John Bennett invited me.” Why did you say yes? “It seemed valuable to me.” When you came what did you think? “It was an enjoyable cult.” {insert raucous laughter from the whole Team} “The first thing I thought was that I knew…

For Sam Lysinger PowerCore for 10 Years is About Profit

Sam Lysinger has been promoting his business through the Decatur PowerCore Team for 10 years. I asked him why. “Same answer as 5 years: it’s profitable.” After 10 years it’s still profitable? “Yes.” And if it wasn’t profitable would you still be here? “Probably not. No.” I love this about Sam!

15 Years for Jeanne Westmoreland

The Canton Team cheered for Jeanne Westmoreland – celebrating 15 years of membership. Like many Members, those years came in two parts, at two different Teams. So I asked why she decided, a second time, to put a weekly 7am appointment into her calendar, because it’s an option, right? “Well, actually,” Jeanne smiled, “it’s not….

John Kozak Quantifies the Benefit — from 10 Years of Membership

A detail person, John recognized the date of my visit to the Decatur Team coincided with this personal marker and was prepared to explain why he’s been a constant Member for 10 years. “In the beginning I would have opted for weekly membership, if that had been an option. Three months seemed too long. But I…

Rick Daigle Wears A 10 Year Pin

This isn’t Rick Daigle’s first pin. A look at his profile shows that he’s held all five Officer’s positions for a Hand Pin and has earned a Gold Star. But this recognition — ten years — that’s an exceptional marker. So I asked Rick when it was he knew he was going to be successful at this table….