15 Years for Jeanne Westmoreland


The Canton Team cheered for Jeanne Westmoreland – celebrating 15 years of membership. Like many Members, those years came in two parts, at two different Teams. So I asked why she decided, a second time, to put a weekly 7am appointment into her calendar, because it’s an option, right? “Well, actually,” Jeanne smiled, “it’s not….

John Kozak Quantifies the Benefit — from 10 Years of Membership


A detail person, John recognized the date of my visit to the Decatur Team coincided with this personal marker and was prepared to explain why he’s been a constant Member for 10 years. “In the beginning I would have opted for weekly membership, if that had been an option. Three months seemed too long. But I…

Rick Daigle Wears A 10 Year Pin


This isn’t Rick Daigle’s first pin. A look at his profile shows that he’s held all five Officer’s positions for a Hand Pin and has earned a Gold Star. But this recognition — ten years — that’s an exceptional marker. So I asked Rick when it was he knew he was going to be successful at this table….

Richard Hoffman Joins The 10 Year Club


Richard has attended more than 500 meetings in the last 10 years, because he’s a Coach – that’s extra. I asked what benefit brings him the willingness to set his alarm for 5 o’clock every Wednesday night. “I get so much more out of PowerCore than I feel like I put into it. You’ve got…

Five Years of Benefit for Jeanne Bynum Hipes


“When you joined the North Fulton Team, I asked Jeanne Bynum Hipes, did you think ahead five years – and think you’d still be here?”  Jeanne admitted that hadn’t been part of her first week plan! “So what benefits keep you coming to this table, every week, five years in a row?” I queried. “I’ve…

Craig Cushingham Joins The 10 Year Club


Ten years is a sign of consistency. Consistency is a sign of credibility. Craig Cushingham shows both.  I asked Craig what his payoffs are – what benefits he gets from attending 500+ Team meetings and often participating as an Officer. What gets me up out of bed is I want to help my clients the…

Wendy Watkins Wears A 5 Year Pin

Wendy Watkins 5 Year

Five year Members understand it’s not only what they get, it’s what they have to give to the group that brings reciprocity and benefit. So when I gave Wendy Watkins her 5 Year Pin I asked for the best benefit she’s given. She took a beat, then said: “I can think of two. The first is…

Nance Donaldson Qualifies for the 10 Year Club


Ten years of membership is five hundred 7am meetings – but Nance Donaldson’s total for 10 years might be closer to 1,500 because she’s an eager Substitute.  She achieved 10 years in two parts, so I was curious what brought her back to a PowerCore Team when she returned to Atlanta after a stint in Hawaii.  “Norm…

Five Year Pin for Maiya Safikovs


My question for Maiya was whether she anticipated, when she joined, that the Perimeter PowerCore Team was going to be a five year adventure for her.      “I thought these people were going to help me take my business to the next level, not necessarily just from referrals, but because of the businesses that…

Mike Smith Requires An ROI on 7AM — and gets it, for 10 years


“I had a profitable return on investment before I joined.” Mike grinned, when he joined his Team’s 10 Year Club. “I had my first PowerCore referral before I joined the Team, so I knew membership was paid for.” It doesn’t take more than a few minutes with Mike to learn that he is not — correction:…