Whitlock Avenue Uses Momentum To Generate Referrals


Remember that scene from You’ve Got Mail where the Grandfather pumps his fist and yells “It’s a hit!”  That’s the cheer for Whitlock Avenue’s 3rd Annual Invitational held Monday, January 2. By the numbers: Whitlock Avenue Team has 26 Members. Two sent Substitutes. One past Member attended. One Visitor attended. And 35 Members from 19 other…

Three Hands For Emory


The Hand Pin is awarded to Members who have served in all five Officer’s positions.  I asked these three which position was their favorite: Jo Kenney: “MentorCoOrdinator – because it’s right after Members join, and it gets them started on the right path.” Chris Handley: “TeamCoOrdinator – because you’re the star. Jonathan Forbes said, ‘I…

Arlene Dickerson-Lavelle Adds PowerWings for Teaching New Members How To Fly


Giving is one of the three components to getting referrals. Leadership is one of the ways Members give. Arlene Dickerson-Lavelle gives to new Members on every Team as an Orientation Essentials panelist. I asked Arlene what she enjoys about participating this way, and she answered, “Getting to be that first point of contact – to…

Jennifer Jakob-Barnes Says MembershipCoOrdinator Is Her Favorite

JJB Hand Pin

This morning JJB received the Hand Pin – which means she has held all five Officer’s roles – TeamCoOrdinator, ParticipationCoOrdinator, VisitorCoOrdinator, MembershipCoOrdinator, and MentorCoOrdinator.  I asked which was her favorite: “I liked MembershipCoOrdinator.  It was my first role and I held it for a term and a half because I came into the middle of a term. When…

Rhonda Sterrett Earned A Hand Pin

Rhonda Sterrett Hand Pin

Leadership is what Members do to get referrals, and what they do to give to the Team. When a Member has served in all five leadership roles they earn the Hand Pin. Now Rhonda Sterrett sports one! I asked her which role is her favorite: “I like MentorCoOrdinator,” she shared. “It’s good getting involved when…

A Hand Pin for Joyce Ray


Officer’s Training is two and a half hours. There are five Officers. When a Member has attended training for all five positions that’s an investment of 13 1/2 hours. That is worth a hand. And the Sugarloaf Team gave Joyce Ray that hand this morning when she received her Hand Pin. I asked which role…

The Whitlock Avenue Team’s
Second Annual Invitational

Whitlock Avenue Second Invitational

On the first business day of the year the Whitlock Avenue Team hosts a PowerCore meeting for people who want to start the year in motion. On Monday, January 4, 2016, 63 people, including 7 Visitors, 4 past Members, and 37 Members representing 21 other Teams passed 33 referrals, 2 endorsement letters, 22 We Did Business…

2016 InfoMinute Creative

In 13 hours, over 2 days, 15 people divided their business into 4 drawers and then wrote 8 series of 6 InfoMinutes (that’s 48 InfoMinutes) and outlined 4 7-Minute Presentations and the InfoMinutes to go with them, and scheduled them for the year. They’re prepared for profit in 2016. Terisha Tatter, Kevin Ames, Jill Pullen, Andrew Jones, Jr.,…

Jeff Veal Adds A Teamworks Pin


Jeff Veal is currently the MembershipCoOrdinator on the North Point Team and has been an Officer in the past.  He now is sporting the Teamworks pin because he shared his leadership skills with the Brookhaven Team during their six weeks of CoreGroup. Applause, cheers and grateful thanks.

Joe Gottlieb Earns A Hand Pin


Joe Gottlieb, currently the VisitorCoOrdinator 2nd for the Buckhead Team, has held all 5 Officer positions.  Tell me Joe, which one is your favorite? “TCO – because the TeamCoOrdinator imports their vision for the group and builds a team of leaders to move the Team a little farther ahead.” Ergo: the Buckhead Team is great…