Awards and Recognition

John Hulbert Tags the 5 Year Marker

John told me that when he first joined he knew immediately it was a fit, and he’d be a Member for a long time: “The closeness of the Team – everyone being new – a Member came to me and said ‘You would make a great ParticipationCoOrdinator’. It made me feel ‘Wow. They really want…

Chris Quay Earns A Gold Star

A quick look at Chris Quay’s profile page details his participation: a Hand Pin – because he’s held all five Officer roles; a Coaches Pin – showing the value he brings to other Teams; a Teamworks Pin – for being an Angel Officer as a new Team started, and now a Gold Star, because he’s responsible…

Jason Conn Marks 5 Years of Referrals

Why did you come to your very first meeting, I asked Jason Conn.  “Because John Bennett invited me.” Why did you say yes? “It seemed valuable to me.” When you came what did you think? “It was an enjoyable cult.” {insert raucous laughter from the whole Team} “The first thing I thought was that I knew…

For Sam Lysinger PowerCore for 10 Years is About Profit

Sam Lysinger has been promoting his business through the Decatur PowerCore Team for 10 years. I asked him why. “Same answer as 5 years: it’s profitable.” After 10 years it’s still profitable? “Yes.” And if it wasn’t profitable would you still be here? “Probably not. No.” I love this about Sam!

Whitlock Avenue Uses Momentum To Generate Referrals

Remember that scene from You’ve Got Mail where the Grandfather pumps his fist and yells “It’s a hit!”  That’s the cheer for Whitlock Avenue’s 3rd Annual Invitational held Monday, January 2. By the numbers: Whitlock Avenue Team has 26 Members. Two sent Substitutes. One past Member attended. One Visitor attended. And 35 Members from 19 other…

Whitlock Avenue Team Hosts The 4th Annual Invitational – A Running Start to 2018

From starting gun to finish line the January 2 meeting with Team Members, Visitors, and invited guests was a huge success. see more here  

Fayette Team Hosts North Fayetteville Team for Joint Holiday Week Meeting

By the numbers: 28 participants – including 3 Substitutes and 4 Visitors – two for each Team! Happy Thanksgiving. Picture courtesy of VCO Laura Dwigalski; stats from MCO John Ellison (who makes excellent pear jam).

15 Years for Jeanne Westmoreland

The Canton Team cheered for Jeanne Westmoreland – celebrating 15 years of membership. Like many Members, those years came in two parts, at two different Teams. So I asked why she decided, a second time, to put a weekly 7am appointment into her calendar, because it’s an option, right? “Well, actually,” Jeanne smiled, “it’s not….

John Kozak Quantifies the Benefit — from 10 Years of Membership

A detail person, John recognized the date of my visit to the Decatur Team coincided with this personal marker and was prepared to explain why he’s been a constant Member for 10 years. “In the beginning I would have opted for weekly membership, if that had been an option. Three months seemed too long. But I…

Rick Daigle Wears A 10 Year Pin

This isn’t Rick Daigle’s first pin. A look at his profile shows that he’s held all five Officer’s positions for a Hand Pin and has earned a Gold Star. But this recognition — ten years — that’s an exceptional marker. So I asked Rick when it was he knew he was going to be successful at this table….