John Bennett Qualifies For A Gold Star

John Bennett Gold Star

John Bennett is generous with an invitation to visit the Decatur Team, it’s one of the benefits he brings to the table. Tuesday John got a Gold Star because he’s invited five people who joined. I asked what he says when he’s inviting someone to a 7 AM meeting. “I usually give myself as an…

Nancy Davis Earns A Gold Star


A Gold Star means money in your pocket – yes, you – because a Gold Star means five people who joined – and we know the average Member passes 40 referrals a year.  So give your thanks to Nancy Davis for the addition 200 referrals a year she’s responsible for. Check here to see the…

Ken DeRose-Broekert Sports a Gold Star


We know that the average Member passes 40 referrals a year. So when one person brings five new Members to that table, that’s a boost of 200 referrals. That’s worth a Gold Star – and that’s what Ken got at his meeting Wednesday.  I asked what he says to people when he invites them to…

Duncan Cottrell Earns a Gold Star


The Decatur Team recognizes Duncan Cottrell for earning a Gold Star.  How do you tell people they should come to an early morning meeting to help grow their business? “I see what it has done for my business.  I tell them it is well worth it and a great place to meet people.” No truer words were spoken.

A Gold Star for Michael Sussman


Michael Sussman of the Decatur Team earned a Gold Star for inviting five people who joined PowerCore. When asked what words work for him when he’s inviting someone to an early morning meeting in the cold and the dark, Michael answered: “I tell them it has 100% helped my business and if they give it a chance and work…

Christine Brandner Earns A Gold Star

Christine Brandner

Christine Brandner earned a Gold Star at the 30305-Buckhead Team this morning.  My question for her, “What do you say when you’re inviting someone to attend a 7 am meeting?” “I tell them my personal story,” Christine smiled.   “It was like Divine intervention.  I met Terry Furuta through a CPA when her son was going…

A Gold Star for Jonathan Minsk


Jonathan Minsk of the Midtown Team earns a Gold Star – recognition for sponsorship.  What do you say to get people to come to a 7:00am meeting every week? “When I meet an individual who might be a good fit for PowerCore, I ask if they are taking on new clients.  Most business people, especially those in sales, directly…

Doug Wheeler Gets 5 Year Pin + Gold Star The Same Day


The Alpharetta Team values Member Doug Wheeler of Data Wave Internet Solutions for the dedication and allegiance he’s given them over the past 5 years.  Consistency and commitment are always admired and respected. That’s what the 5-Yea Pin commemorates.  For participation and engagement, Doug added  a Gold Star – meaning he’s invited five people who also…

PowerCore Honors Twenty-Year Members & Shooting Stars Achievers

 For the First Time Ever in the UniversePowerCore Has 20-Year Membersand Celebrates Shooting Stars Achievers Over 60 Members and friends celebrated the commitment and consistency of five faithful Members who have been loyal to PowerCore and their Teams for 20 years. Integrity, Welcoming, Persistent, Funny,Kind and Supportiveare words that were mentioned over and over by those…

Deanna LaRue Adds 5 Members for a Gold Star

Deanna LaRue 5 yr

A Gold Star for Deanna LaRue – How do you start the conversation to invite people to events? “I tell them my story,” Deanna says.  “I was looking to getting back into the networking business.  The financial advisor had been in his seat for 15 years!  I thought, This must be a good place to be for referrals. So…