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David Arnold’s Story of Bud

On November 3, 1997, Realtor David Arnold joined the Cumberland PowerCore Team. In 2002 he received a “lead” to a co-worker of a Visitor who came to one meeting and did not join. David spoke with Bud and stayed in touch with him for 6 months until Bud used David as his agent on a $270,000 purchase. Of course, this…

Five Years of Benefit for Jeanne Bynum Hipes

“When you joined the North Fulton Team, I asked Jeanne Bynum Hipes, did you think ahead five years – and think you’d still be here?”  Jeanne admitted that hadn’t been part of her first week plan! “So what benefits keep you coming to this table, every week, five years in a row?” I queried. “I’ve…