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Archana (Arch-na) Patel


I majored in Computer Science and minored in Anthropology & Theology.
I love exploring what are the true causes of behavior.
Other things I enjoy are music, movies and brain teasers.

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Carla Collis Gesite


Native Atlantan, classic take-charge first born, former workaholic, animal lover, world traveler. An ICF-certified coach with 20+ yrs of business experience and a passion for empowering women to live the lives they crave.

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Connie Jones


I am a gifted intuitive, and I love animals, nature, and connecting with people’s hearts and their stories. I enjoying running, gardening, learning, creating, writing, and I crave challenge and adventure.

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Diane Morris


I am personal branding coach, author, and speaker.Image matters.I coach business owners to architect their personal brand through empowerment, optimal health and appearance. I love tower gardening, walking, and enjoying my grandchildren.

Gale Taylor


Jeff Bartholomew


I am passionate about helping businesses grow and increasing profitability while improving the lives of the business owner, and their families.

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Joann Cebulski


As an Avatar Master for 12 years, I have explored this adventure we call life as well as help others do the same. Ready to rekindle or rediscover those things that make you heart sing? Connect with about The Avatar Course now.

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Kristin Lloyd


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Maria Hall


At 14 mths I had my 1st adventure! My family immigrated from Cuba. My parents worked 2 jobs each to sponsor 13 relatives. This taught me responsibility, courage and perseverance. I have 2 amazing kids, 1 dog “Boss” and love the beach!

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Nancy Davis


Although I’m classified under hypnotherapy, my expertise is in EFT, a method of tapping on acupuncture points which relieves emotional and physical pain. One of my greatest joys is seeing a client leave my office stress free and happy.

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Porschia Parker


I’m an avid reader and animal lover. I love helping people get what they want. If you bring the goals, I’ll bring the strategy!

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Shawn Graham


I love mentoring, reading, traveling, and most of all, spending time with my twin grandbabies. I hope to build a legacy for my grandchildren and future generations.

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Susan Morley


Susan played three games as a child; waitress, teacher, and mommy and as an adult, she’s achieved success in all three! Susan always picks the perfect Tupperware container for leftovers; her vision for each client is a perfect fit for them

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Tom Martin


lev·er·age: use (something) to maximum advantage. Here are a few of my “somethings” you may be able to use to your advantage: ICF coach training, 25+ yrs of sales & management experience, non-profit board leadership,3x cancer survivor.

Wendy Watkins


Wendy Watkins is a business coach who works with ambitious entrepreneurs who are called to do and be more with their business, but are not quite clear on how to achieve this lofty goal. Wendy teaches a Mind-Body-Business approach.

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