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Arlene Dickerson


I’m a volunteer with a local animal rescue and I’m always hosting a dog in need. I’m constantly amazed by the boundless good of our volunteers towards animals. I’m a resource for people who would like to adopt a rescued furbaby.

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Doug Wheeler


Jessica Matthews


Katie Vilichay


Rhonda Sterrett


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Rob Riggs


I founded Your Design Online, a web development agency in 2004. I lead the YDO development team in creating technical business solutions for organizations representing a wide array of industries. We transform the

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Scott Lavelle


I like to combine two worlds: creative and technical. My hobbies center around playing and recording music, driven by a highly technical software/hardware system that I know well and enjoy operating.

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Trent Phillips


Trent Phillips, Managing Partner of Bizography,Inc. has spent over 30 years in the software and consulting business. His formal education is in Marketing, Management & Computer Science and holds degrees in all 3 areas.

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