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Adam Wolensky


Carol Jensen-Linton


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Dianne Lucht


I live to travel! Submersion into other cultures is pure joy! Berlitz book in hand, I speak the language and everyone laughs, but appreciates the effort. It is a privilege to visit another land and see it through the heart of its people.

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Jamie Arion


A nutrition and fitness professional for 28 years, I have been with AdvoCare for 13 years. My approach is a balanced LIFESTYLE approach – addressing nutrition, supplementation, and exercise.

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Jessica Carter


Jessica Walker


A former obese diabetic. I learned how to use nutrition to reverse my diabetes, PCOS, rosacea, and plantar fasciitis. I now coach others how to do the same. I also coach dragon boat paddling teams.

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John Lee


Kim Gustafson

Sandy Weaver


I work with people to boost their morale, productivity and bottom line.

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Severin Garrett


I have a passion for Nutrition and teaching others about the importance of making wise choices with food. I like to use this fact …75% of all chronic illness (cancer, diabetes, etc) can be prevented with proper nutrition and lifestyle!

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Vern Gwynn