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Adam Wolensky


Happily Married-2 beautiful daughters. Passion educating & impacting healthy lives. Born in Queens. Lived in Boston 3 decades. Moved here in 2014. Fascinated about personal development, golf, learning people’s story & Family.

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Carol Jensen-Linton


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Dianne Lucht


I live to travel! Submersion into other cultures is pure joy! Berlitz book in hand, I speak the language and everyone laughs, but appreciates the effort. It is a privilege to visit another land and see it through the heart of its people.

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Jamie Arion


A nutrition and fitness professional for 28 years, I have been with AdvoCare for 13 years. My approach is a balanced LIFESTYLE approach – addressing nutrition, supplementation, and exercise.

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Jessica Carter


doTERRA has changed my life in so many way. The company has allowed me to take control of my family’s health and financial freedom while helping others do the same. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Jessica Walker


A former obese diabetic. I learned how to use nutrition to reverse my diabetes, PCOS, rosacea, and plantar fasciitis. I now coach others how to do the same. I also coach dragon boat paddling teams.

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John Lee


Kimberly Gustafson

Sandy Weaver


I work with people to boost morale, productivity and bottom line.

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Severin Garrett


I have a passion for Nutrition and teaching others about the importance of making wise choices with food. I like to use this fact …75% of all chronic illness (cancer, diabetes, etc) can be prevented with proper nutrition and lifestyle!

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Vern Gwynn