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Arthur Tsiropoulos

Motivating leader with over 25 years of experience in Product Development, Project Management, and Process Development. Expertise in developing strategic direction, team management, practice development, productizing, and operations.

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Barbara Pisano

I have told I have high expectations, as if it is a bad thing. Why wouldn’t you have high expectations, especially if you can make them such as with having great health. I can help with the great health, the rest is up to you.

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Carol Jensen-Linton

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Clemence Bradley


Dianne Lucht

I live to travel! Submersion into other cultures is pure joy! Berlitz book in hand, I speak the language and everyone laughs, but appreciates the effort. It is a privilege to visit another land and see it through the heart of its people.

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Emily Cook

Jamie Arion

I have been sharing the health & wellness message for over 28 years. I am a passionate about living a HealthyLife & helping my clients define what that means for them. My mission:empower,assist,& impact the world to a higher level of health

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J.B. Kitts

I am a husband and father of two sons. I am passionate about my family, my friendships, and my faith. Some of my favorite activities are camping, golf, college football, playing the trumpet, and reading.

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Jessica Carter

doTERRA has changed my life in so many ways. The company has allowed me to take control of my family’s health and financial freedom while helping others do the same. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Jessica Walker

A formerly obese diabetic. I learned how to use nutrition to reverse my diabetes, PCOS, rosacea, and plantar fasciitis. I now coach others how to do the same. I also coach dragon boat paddling teams.

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Dr. Jill Wener

After 10 years practicing medicine in Chicago, 6 years practicing Vedic meditation, 4 trips to India (including my 3 month meditation teacher training), and 1 career change, I’m back in my hometown of Atlanta teaching Vedic meditation!

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John Lee

Helping people become empowered and take care of themselves is only part of what I do as a Doterra Wellness Advocate. I enjoy exercising, working with my hands, and spending time with the family.

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Julie Bucar

A Chicago native, I now call Georgia home. I am married with three daughters and 10 grandchildren. Life is truly a blessing. I begin each day with gratitude, embracing the beauty of each day. Making a difference is my passion……

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Kimberly Gustafson

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Michael Chan-Frazier

Newlywed who is married to a NY Apple, who is now a GA Peach! I am 2009 Ironman WI Finisher, and grateful for my purpose of combining 18 yrs of counseling experience with the innovative energy clearing worQ at Vanda: Tools for Your Soul.

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Nichole Johnson


Severin Garrett

I have a passion for Nutrition and teaching others about the importance of making wise choices with food. I like to use this fact …75% of all chronic illness (cancer, diabetes, etc) can be prevented with proper nutrition and lifestyle!

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