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Alan Shectman

Cara O'Grady


Carrie Hodges

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Carrie Leary

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Corbin Cook

A key area in helping my clients protect their families and their businesses is through Life, Disability & Long Term Care insurance. My goal is to make $1 do more than just one thing through a process I call the benefit multiplier effect.

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Craig Cushingham

Raised in California, I usually wear Hawaiian shirts, hey, I’m part Hawaiian! although you can’t tell it from my photo. I chose Marietta because it had the family environment I remembered from my youth. Both sons are married, my daughter

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Curtis Turner III

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Howard Silvermintz

In February 2017, my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. I follow the St Louis Cardinals, Missouri Tigers, and Falcons. I am a history buff who belongs to both a Civil War and WW II Club. I love cycling, reading and traveling!

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John Trybalski


Joseph Chvatal

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Julie Chastain

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LaToya Parker

My clients got married a few years ago…

My clients brought a home 10 months ago…

My clients had a baby a few months ago…

They also have great jobs…

And I provide protection for them every step of the way!

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Lisa Whistine


Louis Agudo

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Margaret O'Brien


Mark Dunn

Certified Financial Planner knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance, specializing in the health field.

Michael Adams


Michael Lank

Born and raised in Kansas, moved to Atlanta in 1996 and love it! I am a Proud father of four grown daughters and a recent grandfather. Married to my lovely wife, Marsha. I Enjoy cheering for Kansas Jayhawk Basketball.

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Nathan Buice

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Nikki Mewett


Riana Vafadari


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Robert Jackson

I’ve lived in Lawrenceville since 1983. I am married to Nancy and between the two of us we have 5 children and 5 beautiful grandchildren.
Been an independent health insurance broker for over 28 years.

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Scott Thompson

14 years insurance agent, recovering lawyer, policy wonk, history buff, 3 kids, married 25 yrs, youth sports coach, hiker, urban farmer, chicken rancher, beekeeper.

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Sheldon Baker

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Steve Cannon

The best use I found for my degree in Anthropology was sailing a small boat across the Pacific Ocean. Took a break for a different adventures and now have a Wife, a boy age 10 and a girl age 8. I also enjoy Golf and mountain biking.

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Susan Phan

When I am not tutoring or traveling, I love to try different food from around the world. If there is a type of food that I haven’t tried yet, rest assured that it is next on my list! I am always looking for recommendations 🙂

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Trace McCoy


William Crumpler