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Aaron Porter

I joined Georgia Blinds & Interiors after completing basic and advanced individual training to serve in the National Guard. On my free time I enjoy fishing, hiking, and riding my motorcycle.

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Amy Powers

I love being by the water and going on adventures with my family. The adventure can be anywhere from within Metro-Atlanta or across the country.

I have three children ages 7, 15 and 18. My oldest started KSU this fall.

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Jeanne Westmoreland

Owner of Classic Staging LLC and Accredited Staging Professional Master®. President of International Association of Home Staging Professionals® 2011-2012. I love my family, am a cat person, travel queen, and Hilton Head condo owner.

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Joann Taylor

I so enjoy working in my backyard, figuring out where color needs to be, and greenery needs to flourish. I love the sweet time I share with my puppy, Gussie, who does not allow much work done, but maybe that’s why I love my backyard.

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Karen DeRuyter

Seasoned Corporate Sales Executive – lucky to have the option of now doing my Dream Job! Staging Homes for Sale and for Living. Enjoy spending time in North Georgia Wine Country at our Carriage House.

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Paige Hudgins

Brainstorming is my favorite part of design! My personal design style is somewhat eclectic, being influenced by growing up in various parts of the country, but I appreciate all styles from traditional to contemporary.

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Valerie Lyles


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