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Ben Ross

Butch Nicholson

You can’t change the world sitting on the couch is not only a saying but something I also live by. So, for me this includes spending time with my grandsons, serving at North Point Church, and being a group leader at One Thing for Men.

Dan Comer


Jaco Swanepoel

Born and raised on 3000 acres,I consider working with wood,rocks and dirt “Occupational therapy.”When not in a “session” I love kayaking with my wife and two sons.

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John Gallagher

We have 6 horses & row for the Atlanta Rowing Club, won the Masters Nationals in a 4-man boat twice. I run 5k races, was a member Atlanta Track Club Competitive team, won the Masters Nationals 400 Meter Hurdles ranked 7th in the world 2012

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Lindsay Prose

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