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Bonnie Mauldin

Professional Digital Marketing and Website Development agency helping local businesses in the State of Georgia and Nationwide!

Brandon Cockrell

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Ellie White-Stevens

A marketing professional for a dozen years, I studied Persuasion and Advertising at Calvin. I approach marketing with a creative bent, a solid dose of practicality and a whole lot of humor. It’s about growing business.

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Jacob Longoria

Jason Wade

I bring my interest in business and computers together to make business technology work better. I started with my first computer in 1981, got online in 1989 and the internet in 1995. I provide User Focused Website Design.

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Jill Pullen

I see brand people. Brands as people who do things that are in character, or out of character — in the right neighborhood, or not. Once I see them I can define actions that suit the business and its customers.

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Jodey Smith

“When I hear people talk about Jodey the two most common words they use are ‘helpful’ and ‘hero.’ I highly recommend Jodey’s work.”
Cliff Ravenscraft
Podcast Answer Man

Michael Morse

Native Atlantan who escaped for a few years to pursue the dream of working in sports in various MiLB front offices. I have a passion for connecting with new people and also trying new restaurants. Can also be found on the tennis courts.

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Robert Jones

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Ronald Boose

I have lived in Marietta for the past 16 years and I’m a proud parent of two Marietta Blue Devil graduates. I’m an advid tennis player, golfer and love to travel. My daughter is a Sr. at Cal Arts and my son is a sophomore at KSU, go Owls!

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Tammy Lanier

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