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My favorite trip was to Ireland with my husband. We explored the isolated country side filled with castle ruins, churches, cemeteries and keeps. I love to explore new places, learn about history and spend time with my family.

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Behavior | Topic: Symptoms – Change

What are triggers or actions by potential clients for architecture and design services? It is actually the same for residential or commercial projects. Potential clients may be cleaning out or purging to make room for a space that has become too small. They may be adding new staff or are expecting children or a family member to move in.

Clients might host a party but complain about the appearance of their space, whether interior or exterior. They may desire an update, refreshing or make over especially if they’ve occupied the space many years.

While visiting, there are magazines laying around showing design ideas or themed toward architecture. Friends posting on FB about HOUZZ images can also be considering an expansion.

These examples are hints about a potential architecture or design service need and saying “Hey, I love that photo you posted, are you considering a renovation” could start a conversation leading to their professional needs.

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My clients understand that a well crafted design takes time and thought. I draw from their imagination to define a scope of work, to visualize the finished product and connect them with construction professionals to make the dream real.

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