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I’m 6’5″ which makes it easy for me to reach things on the top shelf for my wife, Carrie (who might be 5’2″). We live in Alpharetta with our two dogs and two cats.

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What to DO to GET Referrals: FeedForward Cards – Information

After a 7 minute presentation, I was surprised to see that there was someone who didn’t know what Wainscoting was, or that there were so many variations. I thought everyone watched HGTV!
I suppose no detail is too minor to leave out of a presentation. I can be a challage to dissect ones business to that degree, but it’s obviously important!

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Atlanta Property Matters, Inc. is dedicated to providing home repair, maintenance services for homeowners and real estate investors within the Metro Atlanta to North Georgia area. Our mission is to provide excellent quality and service.

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