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I love making dreams come true. That doesn’t take automation. It just takes listening and having a conversation with people. Rebecca is a 55-year young lady who has never bought a home of her own. She grew up poor, had a rough marriage, raised her son alone and thought the American Dream of home ownership was for anyone else but her. She just figured that renting a home was the path she was destined to live with. Knowing that she easily qualified for $1200 per month rent payment, I convinced her to “Let’s see if you can actually buy a house!”. Hey, I know people in the mortgage business! We called the loan officer on our team to see if Rebecca qualified for a home loan. Imagine our excitement when we learned she was qualified for $175,000! We sat at the closing table and Rebecca was like a little girl at Christmas. She kept saying, “I can’t believe I’m really buying my own house!” I’m in the business of making dreams become a reality, whether it’s for a 20-something or a 50-something first time home buyer! If you overhear a conversation by a co-worker that sounds like this, “I’ll never be able to buy my own home!”, set up a 3-way email and let me have a conversation with them. I love making dreams come true!

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