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Out of the box thinker who navigates 10 steps ahead. I lead by example. It is exactly why I am with CalChoice. Their money and my money is invested in the same companies we share with our clients. Why? – We share strategies that WORK!

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  • Phone: 678-381-5383
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  • Introduced by Dr. Kristen Welsh
  • Joined on 02/17/2012

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Better Together: Keep it Still

Many people can’t see their future outside of who they are now. Our current struggles keep us from changing the future. The challenges that come up to pay for Life insurance has to do with the following dis-aligning Myths:

Myth 1: They think they won’t die.
TRUTH: We are all going to die.
Myth 2: It won’t happen to us.
TRUTH: It’s just a matter of when
Myth 3: Life Insurance is for others after you die.
TRUTH: Life Insurance has changed and it can
benefit us while we are alive and our
loved ones after we die.
Myth 4: I need the Money to live NOW, not LATER.
TRUTH: We are the only ones that can choose
to get off this wheel and change future.

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We educate people how to win in bad economic times utilizing our PHILOSOPHY & INVESTMENT DIRECTION. We will show people how to create a TAX FREE RETIREMENT with our PRIVATE RESERVE ACCOUNT MAX.

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