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I majored in Computer Science and minored in Anthropology & Theology.
I love exploring what are the true causes of behavior.
Other things I enjoy are music, movies and brain teasers.

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  • Phone: 678-381-5383
  • Team: Roswell West
  • Introduced by Dr. Kristen Welsh
  • Joined on 02/17/2012

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  • 3 year
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  • MentorCoOrdinator
  • Coach
  • Orientation Panelist
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  • InfoMinute Seminar
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  • Best Client Workshop
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  • Filling the Filing Cabinet

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Company Profile

My clients appreciate having a coach that sits next to them while they make tough choices, holds their hand as they let go of pain and despair, keeps track of their vision and keeps them on course. They feel empowered to face challenges.

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    Archana Patel LLC
  • 2916 Commonwealth Circle
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • 30004
  • Phone: 678-802-9454
  • Website:

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