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I’m a volunteer with a local animal rescue and I’m always hosting a dog in need. I’m constantly amazed by the boundless good of our volunteers towards animals. I’m a resource for people who would like to adopt a rescued furbaby.

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  • Phone: 404-732-4410
  • Team: Towne Lake
  • Introduced by Scott Lavelle
  • Also Introduced by Anthia McStatts Santini
  • Joined on 07/20/2012

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What to DO to GET Referrals: Understanding

New clients typically don’t understand that their website is their “virtual storefront”. An outdated website is the same as having old broken items with cobwebs in the window of a place of business.
Their ah-ha of understanding is when we have our consultation and they realize we not only can assist them with an updated site, but that we are also available to give them honest on-going advice on current technology. This establishes a long-term relationship and moves them into the Best Client category.

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Company Profile

A website is a centerpiece for a company as a cake is to an event. My clients understand this and don’t want the equivalent of a box cake or grocery cooler cake. They want a developer who will provide a striking website for their business.

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    Technical Resource Solutions, LLC
  • 185 West Main Street
  • Suite A
  • Canton, Georgia
  • 30114
  • Phone: 678-928-9491
  • Website:

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