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I’m a volunteer with a local animal rescue and I’m always hosting a dog in need. I’m constantly amazed by the boundless good of our volunteers towards animals. I’m a resource for people who would like to adopt a rescued furbaby.

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Endorsement Letters

One of our clients has a rapidly growing business with 3 offices that serve large corporations such as Delta airlines. They shared with me that they were overwhelmed with hiring staff, and all that goes with it. They needed an updated employee handbook, procedures and had questions on compliance items. They were spending all their time on HR instead of with their clients.

I put the business owners in touch with Dawn Stastny of Stellaris Group and she immediately responded with much needed assistance. They now have control over their internal HR processes, are hiring higher level employees and have full confidence that they are in compliance.

This business owner can now focus on their clients, knowing that Dawn is handling “everything HR” for them. I am grateful to have a highly knowledgeable professional such as Dawn that I can refer with the utmost confidence to my clients, friends and family. Thank you Dawn, I appreciate you.

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A website is a centerpiece for a company as a cake is to an event. My clients understand this and don’t want the equivalent of a box cake or grocery cooler cake. They want a developer who will provide a striking website for their business.

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    Technical Resource Solutions, LLC
  • 185 West Main Street
  • Suite A
  • Canton, Georgia
  • 30114
  • Phone: 678-928-9491
  • Website:

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