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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Initiative | Topic: Participation – Appropriate Referrals

As all of us, I fill out a “We Did Business” slip only after making a bank deposit. That lets me look backward and see what each of those referrals had in common and what made them unique-enough to merit one or the other of the three options to check. I make my selection based simply on how much money I made from providing service to that referral with one ‘force multiplier’: potential for future revenue. The nature of my ‘business’ (personal injury attorney) dictates that my referrals will have these five common characteristics – an incident, which causes an injury, resulting in damages to the client (cost of doctor bills, time lost from work, property destruction), someone to blame (the bad actor), and the desire to let a professional deal with the situation (because the bad guy does not take responsibility or his/her insurance company simply jerks the referral around). The severity of the injury and the complexity of the factual situation dictate both the return to the referral (money in his/her pocket) and the cost to the referral (the bank deposit). I check the appropriate box on the “We Did Business” slip as it reflects how much I made versus how long it took to get there. If the referral will be the direct conduit to other business (not to be confused with a gate opener), the slip gets a plus-up.

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