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We run at IT business for small to medium size businesses in Kennesaw, Real Tech Solutions.

We have found that our customers wanted direct access to all of our employees through one easy to use system. Therefore, we have implemented a VoIP phone system (which we can help your business with as well!!) that with one number allows our customers to get our sales, support, billing department, even after hours. Furthermore, our employees can use their existing phones with an app on it to stay in touch with customers and the office, without hindering their personal life. This keeps customers happy, overhead low, and increases internal communication.

Furthermore, we are rolling out a helpdesk for all of our customers to submit their trouble. This connects into our CRM software for easy tracking and assisting them in the future (if we know how/when the problem was already addressed).

We want all our customers to have easy access to our company while still making it manageable for myself and my staff!

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