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  • Phone: 678-977-8529
  • Team: Fayette
  • Introduced by Mike Martin, CFP®, Financial Advisor
  • Joined on 05/14/2013

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Accuracy: Basic Measurement

I feel I can confidently refer a client to a team member when I am clear as to “why” that team member is a better choice for my client than the status quo. Through our meetings and the team members info-minutes and 7 minute presentations we not only see whether a team member is credible and develop relationships with each other but also come to understand if and why a team member is positively unique in his/her market. If I can give an objective reason “why” my client should meet my team member; it makes the referral a lot easier job..(just like a speed square makes the carpenters quicker and easier)

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    EarlyBird Termite & Pest Control
  • 180 Ashley Woods Drive
  • Newnan, Georgia
  • 30263
  • Phone: 678-873-9448
  • Website:

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