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Mark A Straight Line: Contrast

I love that I have aligned myself with a company whose mission is to Inspire Healthy Living Around the World. Juice Plus+ acts as a catalyst for making healthy changes in every day living. Grandma was right when she said, “Eat your fruits and vegetables every day”. The problem is only 10% of the population actually eats 7-13 servings daily. Whole-food nutrition rather than isolated vitamins is the answer. Juice Plus+ reduces 30 different fruits, vegetable, and berries into powder form and encapsulates the powder. Over 37 independent research studies show its effectiveness in the body. Most people report similar results.

Many of my clients like a more natural method of addressing health challenges. When diet alone cannot help, I call on Shannon Gonzales, licensed acupuncturist. She is able to help them whether it is an illness or injury. I love being able to help my clients who want to adopt a more holistic approach to health. Shannon is a wonderful resource for me to have.

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Company Profile

21st Century Whole Food Nutrition –
Raw vine-ripened fruits and vegetables in a capsule.
Tower Garden – Grow Good Health.

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