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I deal with all different types of clients. One of my favorite clients is Ron. Ron is on the board at his golf community. He was turning 65 and got the loads and loads of solicitations from numerous insurance companies about his Medicare options. Ron, like many others, did not want to read through the “loads” of material. He wanted someone who he could trust that was knowledgeable about all the medicare products that were available to him. He wanted someone who could educate him through the process so he could make a informed decision. After meeting with me he felt very comfortable and was able to pick the product that he thought was best for him. Today Ron still refers me to all his buddies that he plays golf with on the golf course. He is one of my best clients!

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    Carrie Richards Leary, LLC
  • 4055 Fawn Valley Drive
  • Loganville, GA
  • 30052
  • Phone: 404-401-7320

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