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I’m a volunteer baseball coach at East Cobb Baseball. If I’m not on the field coaching or watching my sons play, I’m watching baseball on TV. I love seeing the excitement in young players when aspects of the game become easier.

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Accurate: How Do They Know

The old way of investing meant you worked with a stock broker who sold you stocks and bonds on a commission basis, meaning each buy and sell was associated with a cost. Online investing is still much the same process with little advise and little thought to goals and encourages emotional buying and selling.

Now you work with a financial advisor, like me, that uses a goals based approach to managing a clients worth. The relationship can either be fee based or commission based which ever is the most efficient cost for the client.

Primary goals include preparing for retirement, living in retirement, paying for education, preparing for the unexpected and planning your estate or inheritance.

All goals are specific and time bound. Strategies for these goals reflect appropriate and comfortable levels of risk for the time needed to acquire the funds to achieve the goal.

The benefit with the new way is the client comes first. The client gets to choose which fee structure is most efficient for them and their lifestyle.

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