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The owner of the branding agency hired to help ChemSafety in Lithia Springs create a cohesive brand, will find after several weeks of work that she is reliant on an IT administrator to help launch the new website. Manufactures of food safety chemicals, like ChemSafety, do not have full time IT administrators, so they use outsourced IT firms. Since neither IT firms or branding agencies specialize in website migrations, the website launch can get very stressful for everyone involved.

I’ve migrated over 950 websites since 2008. For $500 I handle the “go live” implementation so that ChemSafety experiences no downtime, the artist experiences no delay in project completion, and the IT Provider isn’t held responsible for a risky and time consuming process.

Ask your old college roommate, who now owns a Branding Agency or an IT Firm: what is the main difference between a stressful website migration from a painless one?

*disclaimer, I know of no company named ChemSafety. The name is made up for illustration purposes.

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Company Profile

variux – noun \ver-E-ux\ is a unique website experience designed to combat user’s negative experiences with designers building on WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. 100% made in USA, completely customizable, and ultra-secure.

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    Variux, Inc.
  • 3600 Dallas Hwy
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  • Marietta, GA
  • 30064
  • Phone: 678-667-2185
  • Website: http://www.Variux.com

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