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There is great worth in service, to believe in something larger than yourself. It is a great man to stand for himself; it is an even greater man to stand for others. Yes, I suffer from volunteer syndrome ;)I wouldn’t have it any other way

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Communication: Structure

When addressing a client’s HR needs, I often find that as the business has grown, the infrastructure to support it hasn’t grown as quickly as the business has. Owners tend to take on everything from accounting and payroll to the daily operations, often leaving them little time to do what they are best at.
Business is easy, but people make it messy, so when helping to resolve those compliance issues or people issues, I frequently have an opportunity to suggest legal documents (which opens the door for business attorneys) or trade secrets and unique designs (which opens the door for intellectual property attorneys) or specific employment contracts or audit finding that give cause for legal representation (which leaves great opportunities for Employment attorneys). Wonky accounting practices? (enter the bookkeeper or CPA).
Once they let me into their closet, which is always based on a relationship of trust, the opportunities are endless.

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You may not need HR every day, but everyone needs HR on some days. No one is too small for HR. We offer solutions to fit businesses of every size. Stellaris Group provides the advantages of HR without the cost of a conventional HR Dept.

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