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25 years of experience in the printing industry. I bring industry wide knowledge of processes used to produce nearly any product in any of the 10 types of printing used around the world today.

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Specifics

Considering Commercial Printing, whether we are printing large format, collateral materials or even apparel, one of the smallest components, but the very most important, is the artwork you provide to us for production. With all the advances in technology the past 10-15 years, most people think you push a button and it just prints. However, there is a specific sequence that we must follow to produce quality end results. When providing artwork, we need vector images which is typically an .eps, .ai or a hi res .pdf for production. JPEGs and similar images will produce grainy images and jagged edges. So keep in mind, that when you want beautiful quality results, providing hi resolution artwork is essential.

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Company Profile

Our clients continue to work with us because we provide a professional look and feel to each our products while delivering exceptional customer service. Our primary focus in printing marketing materials of all forms for businesses.

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    KMH Graphics
  • 3020 Lake Park Court
  • Woodstock, GA
  • 30188
  • Phone: 770-687-5705
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