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25 years of experience in the printing industry. I bring industry wide knowledge of processes used to produce nearly any printing product used around the world today.

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Accurate: How Do They Know

Over the years, a lot of things have changed in printing, but at the same time some of the basic things have remained the same. For instance, we no longer make plates using film, masking paper and a very large camera. We now go direct from computer to plate. But we still rely on paper proofs, especially for a color specific job. We do a lot of electronic proofs every day to ensure proper placement and to make sure nothing dropped off or moved when going through the conversion for our equipment. But when it comes down to making sure color is accurate, there is no replacement for conventional paper proofs. Also, even though a customer approved an electronic proof, we will still print a paper proof to put in the job folder to make sure color is accurate throughout the press run. This is something we do behind the scenes that most customers don’t know about, but ensures the quality of their jobs.

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Positive, Swift, Responsive. High quality printing, quick turnarounds and competitive pricing. Printing is our passion and we want to share that love to promote your business. Offset, Digital, Large Format and Apparel.

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    Hummingbird Graphics
  • PO Box 1150
  • Woodstock, GA
  • 30188
  • Phone: 770-687-5705

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