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As a wife and mother to 3 young children I know exactly how important family is. The way I value my family is the same way I value the families of my clients. Family values is the cornerstone of the how I manage my firm and practice law.

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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Initiative | Topic: Participation – Appropriate Referrals

In my family law practice I focus primarily on father’s rights. Unwed men with children in Georgia have no legal rights to those children unless they were born during the marriage or the dad legitimating the children in the Superior Court of the mother’s County.

A client can be either a male seeking to legitimate his children or a female wanting to consent to the legitimization or have it denied. This type of client will talk about his children but more so in a way that shows his frustration with his situation. He has kids but likely can never see them. He complains that he is on child support but their mom won’t allow the kids to visit.

An On Base referral:
The client may not have know what Legitimation was prior to coming to my office or being referred to me but he is angry that he cannot be in his children’s lives the way he wants to be. Will likely be contested. Mom is upset that she has received the petition and dad has never really had a role in the child’s life so reaching a resolution will involve court intervention as opposed to consent from both parents.

A Home Run referral:
Knows what legitimation is and has been interacting and coparenting with the other parent on a consistent basis but with a few bumps in their relationship.This case will likely be an uncontested case but may turn into a contested one over smaller issues. For the most part, the parents work fairly well together and will be able to reach a full agreement if not partial. This client will not be very detail oriented but they do not slack on their job and do not need to be reminded numerous times to act on things they know are important. They have a few pictures of their children in their cubicle and may check in with them via phone after school. This person will likely leave work early for school events and extracurricular activities. You will see men in this situation having their children on a consistent basis but all of a sudden there will be spans of time where they don’t; likely because mom has denied him the ability to have them.

A grand slam client:
Know exactly what they want when they come to me and have full support from the other parent. They both know how important it is for both parents to have a role in the children’s lives so they make it their business to share equal time and responsibilities. This client will be very detail oriented. They have pictures of their children in their cubicle and may check in with them via phone after school. This person will likely leave work early for school events and extracurricular activities. I love helping people obtain their legal rights when they had no idea they didn’t have any because their coparenting allowed them to never feel the effects of not having any legal rights to their children.

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We use a client-attorney relationship, result-oriented model. Every step of a domestic case involves the client and their input. We assist the client in getting the results they desire while guiding them on the most appropriate legal path.

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