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I live to travel! Submersion into other cultures is pure joy! Berlitz book in hand, I speak the language and everyone laughs, but appreciates the effort. It is a privilege to visit another land and see it through the heart of its people.

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Action: Fuel + Motor

As a registered nurse and natural wellness strategist I help clients find their missing link(s) so they can feel good and Live Well.
Some clients have general soreness, aches and pains so a natural cream that helps the body reduce inflammation- swelling is all that is needed. They do not need to be refueled often.
However, if they are still having discomfort then we can delve deeper to look for other causes and add different natural products until we find the right combination.
Clients who need a lot of refueling are those who push their bodies to the extreme as marathon runners or those who have chronic pain. We will try the layering of products like CM (anti-inflammatory) cream, kinetic tape, ceramic fiber supports, medical magnetic devices or organic supplements until we find what relieves the discomfort and puts the body in balance so it can heal itself.
Dianne Lucht, RN,BSN

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Wellness Made Easy~ 33 years of nursing experience & natural products that foster an environment to support a healthy body, home & world by reducing environmental toxins & providing the body with nutrients & energy it needs to heal itself.

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