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Doc Edwards * World Traveler * Photographer *Sender of Cards* My private and business customers enjoy the convenience of being able to send real greeting cards via US Mail from the any internet connection.

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One of the frequently asked questions is: “Who uses your service?”; “Who are your Customers?”.
In the greeting card business, my customer base is quite diverse.
I try to cover a different customer type, category or situation in each of my InfoMinutes.

A number of the InfoMinutes are real estate oriented, like the change of address post card with a photo showing the purchaser and his family in front of their new home.
Another category is artists, designers and photographers who would want to create greeting cards bearing their own images.
Invitations are another area in which the sender can use the greeting card as a vehicle to send one or many at a time.
There are the coaches and trainers who might want to send encouragements and kudos to the clients they are working with.
Direct sellers find the greeting card a convenient and effective tool to communicate with both customer and down-line groups and individuals.
Beyond that, there are the everyday folks who honor anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, holidays, and write their end-of-year annual letters to family and friends.

You may notice that I cheated on the number six, for within each of the above categories I am able to generate many InfoMinutes.

Doc Edwards,
Keeping in touch changes lives.

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An on-line Greeting Card and Gift shop. * Real Cards and Gifts delivered by First Class US Mail. * Personal & business accounts.* *Business opportunity available* *****FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT*****
>Keep in touch. Send a card.<

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