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Free thinker, pilot, risk taker, I encompass every aspect of an entrepeneur. Reflecting as a former photographer, my life now in front of the lens is quite exciting. Ready for todays challenge, striving for greatness!

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  • Phone: 770-978-4428
  • Team: 78 Corridor
  • Introduced by Bill Parker
  • Joined on 08/06/2013

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Phyllis came looking for new vehicle that would facilitate her husbands progressive degenerative back injury. The perfect find, that took over 14 months, resulted in an ongoing friendship and multiple referral opportunities before her purchase was completed. Phyllis trusted the process and me to research the market for a vehicle that would fit her family needs. Most transactions wrap up inside of 4 weeks, this particular activity brought more than money, it cemented my reason for being in this business, helping others.

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Company Profile

Meeting with clients and searching the wholesale market of almost 191000 every week, I can fit most clients with the car of their dreams while saving money in the end. I am fee based, not commission based. An auto Broker with a conscience.

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