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The number of patients coming in to my office without pain or a specific problem has been increasing lately. Most of them are already under chiropractic care, but they choose to continue coming in and getting checked because they want to stay out of pain. They treat chiropractic like body maintenance, so they can maintain the health and vitality to do the things they want to in life.

The “health care” system in the United States is backwards. In reality, it is more of a “sick care” system, and people are beginning to realize this. The current system is set up to treat people after they get sick, rather than keeping them well in the first place.

“Preventative care” is a tough concept for some people to grasp because it isn’t tangible – they don’t know if what they’re doing is actually preventing anything. Whereas when someone gets the flu or a kidney stone, they KNOW they have it because they feel the symptoms.

More and more people are learning to be proactive with their health rather than reactive, and it isn’t even that hard. People practice proactive health care every day just by brushing their teeth. They understand eating healthy and exercising are good life choices, and that it’s a good idea to see a chiropractor to keep everything aligned instead of putting it off until they’re in pain and have to call out of work. Using a proactive approach to health ends up being cheaper in the long run because it means less sick days, less medications, and less surgeries.

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