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I am the daughter of great parents, sister to five, a mom to my dog Chiro, and a new wife to my husband Willie. And in all these relationships I have learned family is priceless…..

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As a chiropractor I see many different types of patients from all walks of life, but in general they are familiar with chiropractic or they are not. The client I would like to work with again and have more of her is Mrs Reed. Mrs. Reed is health conscious and she attempts to make informed decisions for and about her families health. She was having neck and shoulder pain for about a month and she had tried several other natural remedies that only took the edge of but did not go away. She did the research prior to coming to determine what her options may be through chiropractic and after coming in she did the research to determine if what I taught her about her spinal health was valid. Sometimes the patients can know too much, but the more they know about chiropractic the more I can teach them and the better they will respond and refer others. Not only do I see her but she brought her husband, then she brought their three teenage sons. And as it turns out Mre. Reed is one of my Best Clients…..

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Loving Care Chiropractic was created to help YOU age gracefully, to do all those things you love doing. When you aren’t able to have date night with your husband, attend your childs recital, or play with the grandchild LCFC is here….

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