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I am the daughter of great parents, sister to five, a mom to my dog Chiro, and a new wife to my husband Willie. And in all these relationships I have learned family is priceless…..

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On base, grand slam, home run
As a chiropractor I look for many things that set one patient apart from another and if a patient is on base they arrived at their appointment on time so they are time respective. They may complain for days about their pain, but rarely do things continuously. They will have this one appointment and may or may not be back, they have good intentions but probably wont’t follow through.
A home run patient also arrives on time, but they have completed their intake forms before they arrive, so they are time respective but they are also organized and thorough. They are consistent in their tasks and will keep future appointments(you may notice they have a gym membership and may workout 3-4 days a week).
A grand slam patient is all of the above, but they really understand chiropractic and are health conscious and into a wellness lifestyle, from what they eat and drink to exercise and with regular doctor visits.The grand slam patient also loves their family and makes sure they have appointments also. When you speak with the grand slam patient they will have a water bottle and either be eating fruit or drinking a smoothie and the conversation will always be them talking about their family or friends they think can use the next best thing… And they arrive before their appointment time, just in case there is an earlier opening.

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Loving Care Chiropractic was created to help YOU age gracefully, to do all those things you love doing. When you aren’t able to have date night with your husband, attend your childs recital, or play with the grandchild LCFC is here….

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