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Dr.Laurie Dady, BS,MS,DC
Dr.Dady is a graduate of Auburn and Life University.
Owen of a multi-discipline office for 15 years, Center for healing & healing.

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Quantum

Honesty. I need patients to be forthright with their health history at their first appointment, whether it be for chiropractic or for restorative endocrinology. Additionally, they need to by honest with what they do in between appointment. i.e. eating, moving, emotional state, etc. In order for me to help them be successful, they must be totally honest with me from the get go. Without it, there is a strong possibility they will not get better. They will then waste their money and both of our time.

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The Center for Health & Healing uses a whole-body approach to health. We are a complete health and wellness center designed to get to the cause of disease, not just treat symptoms. Patients receive the latest advanced care.

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    Center for Health & Healing
  • 999 Whitelock Avenue
  • Suite 11
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • 30064
  • Phone: 770-590-7771
  • Website: http://www.drdady.com

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