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Dr.Laurie Dady, BS,MS,DC
Dr.Dady is a graduate of Auburn and Life University.
Owen of a multi-discipline office for 15 years, Center for healing & healing.


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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Endorsement Letters – Story

Dr.Laurie Dady
In our practice, we sometimes have new patients that ask if we can give them a referral of someone who has either been a chiropractic or an NRT patient. While we have permission from our patients to have a potential new patient email or call them, it is also nice to hand them an endorsement letter of someone from PC who has been a patient. On that same note, we have had many patients inquire if we happen to know someone who can do some work on their house, help them find a house, what processing company we use or help them with their website and branding. While I can simply give them a name and contact information, it’s also great to hand them an endorsement letter from someone who has done business with that person or company.

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The Center for Health & Healing uses a whole-body approach to health. We are a complete health and wellness center designed to get to the cause of disease, not just treat symptoms. Patients receive the latest advanced care.

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    Center for Health & Healing
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  • Website: http://www.drdady.com

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