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This year I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a chiropractor, opened my own practice, married the love of my life, put my house on the market, and plan to start a family. I am excited to see what the new year brings!


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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Endorsement Letters – New Business

I think the best endorsement letters include the emotion of the client, why were they in need of this referral, and how did the person fix the problem better then anyone else could have. I also make sure I express how happy the client was with the service and what the client gained from the service.

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  • InfoMinute Seminar
  • GateOpener 101
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  • Filling the Filing Cabinet

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Company Profile

My client is the busy corporate mom who is all things to all people. Her time is valuable and she appreciates that her chiropractor will come to her so she and her family can receive quality care in the comfort of their own home.

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    Caring Hands Mobile Chiropractic
  • 1935 Cliff Valley Way, NE
  • Suite 118
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30329
  • Phone: 678-842-4378
  • Website: https://www.godrgreen.com/

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