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I’ve been a resident of Atlanta since 1985, and lived in Peachtree Corners since 1990. My wife Andrea and I love Simpsonwood, The Forum (OK she and my daughters like the shopping, I like J Alexander’s Prime Rib), PCBC… and Real Estate!

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  • Phone: 770-331-7106
  • Team: Peachtree Corners
  • Introduced by Sam Snider
  • Joined on 03/06/14

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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – Myth buster

Great topic. Real Estate is a business of ‘old sayings’ and myths.

My first busted myth in real estate was the realization that although my platform is real estate, my JOB is new client acquisition. So the key was to find a client acquisition model that fit my likes and personality, which after a good bit of trial and error (mostly error), I discovered my preferred method was referral networking. And because, wow, I hated cold-calling.

Powercore has fit perfectly into that model, as I look forward to our Thursday team meetings and enjoy the opportunity to educate others in Real Estate, as well as learn about other businesses and what works in their space. And in the process I’ve received some really awesome referrals!

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Company Profile

Residential Real Estate – few things in life speak more as to who one is than their home. Whether it’s a first home, an upsize, or a downsize, ITP or OTP, successfully helping clients into their new homeplace is an incredible reward.

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    Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road
  • 5535 Ft. Fisher Way
  • Norcross, Georgia
  • 30092
  • Phone: 770-331-7106
  • Website: http://www.druferris.com

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