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My daughter asked me what my favorite color was and I said “Wood”. I love to create and build. Sometimes I’ll have this idea in my head of something to build and it physically hurts until I can build it.

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  • Phone: 712-229-0626
  • Team: Downtown Woodstock
  • Introduced by Michael Lank
  • Joined on 10/6/2017

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals: Element: Magnetism | Topic: Commander’s Intent – Hope

When my best client reaches out to me they are hoping for a piece of functional artwork. They have most likely been to all the big stores and and have been left wanting. They are hoping for unique, handcrafted, one of a kind piece of custom furniture that matches all of their wants.
Depending on the scope of the project it could take a day or six weeks.
Hands down my favorite and most nerve racking part of the process is the reveal. Nerve racking because I’m an artist and I have been with the piece for awhile and know every detail. So it’s very close to my heart. And at the reveal I’m exposing myself and my passion to criticism. But my favorite because the look on my clients face, sometimes even tears, when it’s all they could have hoped for and more. That’s magnetic!

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Company Profile

I tell my clients “If it’s made out of wood I can build it for you.” From a small beautiful hand turned Pen to a large sliding barn door. Let me build your dining room table or up cycle a family heirloom into functional art.

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