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I help my clients put a plan in place to be able to enjoy life today while also planning for their future goals. This includes everything from basic budgeting to complex investment management.

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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Credibility | Topic: Leadership – Good

I would want people to say that I’m really good at explaining complex topics in a way that makes sense to someone that’s not in my industry. There can be so much to take into account before making a financial decision that it can be understandably overwhelming. Because of this, people often avoid the issue entirely and as a result miss out on serious opportunities to improve their financial situation, and these decisions can have lasting impacts on whether or not they’ll be able to accomplish their goals. I feel that if I am able to start with education and break down seemingly complex financial ideas into much more manageable concepts, I’m able to not only help my clients reach their goals, but also feel more confident throughout the process.
I think Mentor Coordinator is the best fit with this characteristic because it allows me to educate new members on the “Why” behind what we do in PowerCore and help them to feel more confident in the meetings each week.

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