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What to SAY to GET Referrals: Element: Facts | Topic: InfoMinutes – New Useable Valuable

Walk into any public place and observe what people are doing. Yes everyone is preoccupied with their smart phone devices. But what are they doing on those devices? It’s not simply texting or talking on the phone any longer. Vblog wasn’t even a term very long ago. Now companies that don’t have a ongoing video presence are being left behind.

Of course real estate is not any different. But it is so much more than a video of the property or a drone view from up above. The use of video to communicate with clients, to explain special items in the industry (Vblog) and specifics about listings are exploding right now.

In the past, the realtor’s main tools were an automobile and a mls book. Now a camera with video 4k capability and a Youtube channel are standard.

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    Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners
  • 1200 Commerce Drive
  • Peachtree City, GA
  • 30269
  • Phone: 678-263-8817
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  • Fax: 770-632-1117

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