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Fit: Respect

Bob cam to me in the middle of his divorce case, not happy with the legal representation that he was receiving from another attorney. He was not happy about the lack of response that he received as well as being pushed off onto associates or paralegals. I took over his case and he was shocked when I gave him my cell phone number as a means to reach me; I explained that I was not looking for him to call me to just chat but if an issue/question arose, he was free to call me on my cell phone. He never abused the use of my cell phone and truly appreciated the fact that he had access to me if an urgent situation arose. From that point forward, whenever we talked or met, he always ended with a sincere “thank you for everything” I did. The way that he said it showed me that he truly appreciated my responsiveness, advice, and time. Such appreciation or respect is a two way street: you need to show it to your clients in order to get it back. In the end, Bob was able to attain his goals in his divorce case. Subsequently, I have represented Bob in a modification action and he has referred others to me – showing me that he truly valued the services that I provided.

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